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Have you ever looked into your creative inner world? Do you know how rich and generous it is? Maybe you wanted to create something hand-made, by putting your soul into this creation? For example, draw a painting, collect a flower composition or even knit a beautiful thing?


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    CRAFTIKA was created to realize such wishes. If you have never thought or tried to design, draw or do handicrafts, you can definitely do that with our incredible tutors! It is never late to reveal your creative personality but it is important to know your true self through art!


    CRAFTIKA (“craft” is taken from English word – creation, handicraft, skills, mastering) – it is a Space of Creative Skills for everybody: adults and children. Here, anybody can find his/her beginning of creative discovery and knowledge. Our company is a guide to your creative inner world.


    In master classes of various orientations, anyone can create something beautiful with their own hands for himself/herself, or make it as a gift to a loved one, or even master his/her own skills in a certain art theme. Also here, anyone can find a favorite class because we arrange master classes for adults, children, families, friends and colleagues.


    The main part of the program consists of regular 1.5, 2 or 3 hour classes (master classes), where at the end of each master class participants will have a finished artwork that can be suitable for personal use or for a gift. Furthermore, for those who are interested in deep learning or mastering his/her skills in certain area of art, we are happy to introduce to his/her attention longer classes with a curriculum suitable for him/her.


    Come, get your inspiration, reveal your creativity and manifest!

    Give your loved ones a piece of your soul created in a form of a beautiful gift!

    Look into our programs and schedule! Sign up for master classes at CRAFTIKA!

    Welcome to your rich inner world!

Classes For Adults

You can come here alone, or with your family, friends, or with colleagues. Master class programs in CRAFTIKA were created so that everybody could get pleasure from art process, relax and take a break from daily rush. While kids are passionately busy taking special learning classes, parents can fully devote themselves to creativity in another room.

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    You can achieve fascinating results and truly reveal your creativity by trying yourself in one or another skill with a help of our professionals. The acquisition of new skills and your beautiful and useful handmade creations will certainly delight you. What could be better than such a gift to yourself or to loved ones? Each time you come here would turn into a unique creative moment. Also, joint activities for the whole family at the weekends will be remembered for a long time, leave a lot of positive impressions and add some warmth in your relationship.

Classes for Children

The benefits of creative activities for a child’s development is indisputable. In CRAFTIKA, children are engaged in activities where they see the beauty of art, develop their imagination and learn how to express themselves in a creative way.


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    Cultural enrichment, the development of creative vision, knowledge and skills acquisition in an interesting and exciting learning format – your children will get all these things in CRAFTIKA. Using brushes, paints, plasticine, colored paper, natural and other materials will not only excite a young creator but also will develop his/her new skills. The children’s program at CRAFTIKA is full of original ideas and discoveries lead by professional tutors and masters who love their work. In the Space of Creative Skills, along with art classes for different ages, children can participate in exciting and creative learnings of Kazakh and English languages and even Literature.






Address: Dostyk 138, Block 2B,

RC Latifa Residence,  Almaty, Kazakhstan


Address: Dostyk 138, Block 2B,

RC Latifa Residence,  Almaty, Kazakhstan



Email: info@craftika.kz

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